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   Award Winning Fastener!!!  The Phil-Lok fastener has been recognized by the History Channel's Modern Marvels in their 2007 Invent Now challenge by receiving an honorable mention award!  click to read more Calendar  See Video below!!!
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The positive- locking advantage


There are over 200 billion fasteners consumed each year in the U.S.!  Within this massive fastener market a void exists for a truly “positive-locking/vibration proof” fastener!  A huge void that has gone virtually unnoticed by all fastener manufacturers but not by end users who are demanding simple, easy to use, effective vibration proof fasteners! 

Most fastener manufacturers try to fill this void with a variety of vibration resistance fasteners.  A vibration resistant fastener uses increased frictional forces to prevent nut loosening where a vibration proof (positive-locking) fastener actually uses a physical stop or barrier to prevent nut loosening.  In the case with our technology a simple yet unique patented coupling mechanism acts as the physical stop whereby the nut is rotationally fixed relative to the bolt to inhibit rotation of the nut! 

This fastener has been designed to take advantage of low cost high volume stamping processes, the same manufacturing processes used to make a standard flat or split lock washer.  Additionally our fastener is easy to use, versatile and reusable.  It doesn't require special tools, has a rattle free locking mechanism and can be applied universally to a variety of fastening applications.

Choose the positive-locking advantage!

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The positive-locking fastener solution!