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The positive-locking advantage!


There is an increasing demand for fasteners that employ some sort of positive-locking feature.  This is primarily due to the safety concieous enviroment pervasive in all aspects of society, politics and industry today. 

Many organizations such as ASTM, SAE and the Military have standards that address the situations where fasteners with positive-locking characteristics are required.  Our technology offers a positive-locking feature that is versatile, simple, easy to use and inexpensive to manufacture.  Our unique patented design allows for a very flexible marketing/sales strategy  in which transitioning from one market to the next can be achieved with ease.  Our fastenening technology can be marketed to the specialized high end military and aerospace markets, as well as being offered to the secondary markets as a re-engineering alternative or even as an off the shelf fastener to the general retail markets.

For more information regarding The Phil-Lok positive-locking fastener including production and licensing arrangements please contact us at;

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Mailing address; 2294 Glen Echo Dr., Hudson, Ohio, 44236