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The simple solution for all your critical locking fastener needs  
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Award Winning Fastener!!!  The Phil-Lok fastener has been recognized by the History Channel's Modern Marvels in their 2007 Invent Now challenge by receiving an honorable mention award!  There were 100 honorable mentions along with 20 semi-finalists, 4 finalists and 1 winner out of more than 3300 entrants!  The entries were inventions represented from many different industries.  We are pleased to recieve this award and to be recognized for our contribution to the fastener industry as a Modern Marvel!!! 




Press releases:
07/02/2007 In a locking fastener, a slotted ring washer enables the critical torque specification to be held, once the fastener is locked. ...Read more!


05/28/2007 The Phil-Lok self locking fastener is now available in standard or metric sizes....Read more!

05/03/2007 The Phil-Lok fastener employs two special washers designed to lock together and couple the nut to the bolt creating a positive stopping force and a vibration proof fastener....Read more!


04/28/2007 Nylon inserts have been used to constrict the internal diameter of nut threads.... these methods do not provide a positive stopping force....Read more!

   03/29/2007 A fastener has a simple yet novel coupling mechanism that acts as a physical stop between the nut and bolt thus preventing rotation of the nut relative to the bolt....Read more!  

December 20, 2005

12/20/2005 - patent issued.  The Phil-lok vibration resistant fastener is now a patent protected fastener!  This unique fastener combines simplicity and versatility with a positive locking feature to provide the solution for critical vibration resistant fastener needs.