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The simple solution for all your critical locking fastener and lock washer needs  
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The Phil-Lok positive-locking fastener and lock washers

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Simple design!

Effective design!

Positive-locking lock washers!
Positive-locking fastener!

-Patent protected.

-One longitudinal locking channel on the bolt means more threaded surface area between the nut and bolt threads resulting in higher shear strength of the bolt threads and less likely hood for cross threading.

-Sure and easy operation engaging the slots of the ring washer to the tabs of the tab-lock washer.  No flimsy tines that can jam up.

-No special tools needed for installing/uninstalling.

-The tabs of the tab-lock washer create a spring fit when the tab-lock washer is engaged by the slots of the ring washer, ensuring a rattle free locking mechanism.

-Maintain seat torque specifications with the Phil-Lok fastener.  The 90 degree spacing design of the slots on the 6 point ring washer allows for a maximum possible rotational offset of the ring washer to the tabs of the tab-lock washer of only 15 degrees.  A 12 point configuration on the ring washer cuts the maximum rotational offset in half to 7.5 degrees!  This makes Phil-lok fastener ideal for low torque fastening applications.

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